Elk Grove Village Professional 
Firefighters Association Local 2340
P.O. Box 596
Elk Grove Village, IL 60009



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Executive Board

2017 Executive Board






Position Name Shift
President John Lodewyck 3rd
Vice President Brian McVeigh 3rd
Secretary Jim Denna Jr. 1st
Treasurer Tom Wind 3rd
Trustee Mike Liska 3rd
Trustee Roger Ferguson 3rd
Trustee Luke Titre 3rd
Trustee Doug Simpson 3rd



Webmaster :  Luke Titre

Check out great pictures from all the fun events we have had this year.  If you have pictures you would like to post online, you can email them to me at lmtitre@gmail.com or you may copy them to a disk/CD and give them me, whatever is easier.  Please don't email me 50  I would prefer those on a CD